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Beginner Guide: What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work

In this article, we tell you Beginner Guide: What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work. Here we discuss domain and DNS.

What is a Domain Name?

The website name is the domain name. Domain name is the address where the user can access your website over the internet easily by typing your website URL. It uses to identify the entities on the internet instead of IP addresses.

It is the combination of numbers and letters these numbers can be used with extensions such as .com, .net,.in, Then this combination is called domain name.

Before you used the domain name then you must be registered it on any domain provider website.Two websites have not the same domain name. If someone types then he reaches to the website.

Why is Domain Name Necessary?

Domain name is a unique identity and send the visitor to a particular website which domain name is typed by him. If any individual has their business, blog then he should have his own domain and website. By purchasing domain he protects their copyright and business trademark. By registering the domain you should improve your business presence and brand awareness of your company. 

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Some websites provide the domain name at cheap prices like

1. Crazy Domains

2. Go Daddy 

3. Bigrock

Some websites provide free domains like .tk, .cf etc.




What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work

What is a Domain Name and How does it Work
What is a Domain Name and How does it Work

The browser sends the request to a global network server which is called as Domain Name Server or DNS. Then these global servers look towards name server which is associated that domain and forward the request to domain related servers. 

If your website is hosted on any web hosting provider website like HostGator then your name server looks like.

DNS looks like:

These name servers are managed on computers by the hosting company. The company sends the request to your computer where your website is stored.

With the domain, you must purchase the web hosting from any company. Because without hosting you can not run the domain.

We recommend the Bluehost website to take the hosting because it is good and your website run fast. If you want to host the website at a cheap price then click this ad and get the discount.

Important Note:

If you take the web hosting and domain name from different websites then you should replace the web hosting website name server from the domain website nameserver.

Some websites also provide free web hosting also. You can use free domain and web hosting for learning purpose. Not use for working because in free hosting your data is not safe and don't get the best speed. For the best free web hosting then click this link. 

Free Web Hosting Link


So in this article, we discuss Beginner Guide: What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work. In this, we tell that without domain and web hosting we cannot run any website. So by this article, you got the knowledge about the domain and its working. So by this, you can start a new website with your custom domain and run it on hosting to start the website. 

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