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Secret Guide: How to Stop Visitor Posts on Facebook Business Page

Here we share the Secret Guide: How to Stop Visitor Posts on Facebook Business Page.

Many people are trouble from an unnecessary post from other Facebook page fan. Facebook is the largest platform for sharing your thoughts, ideas and it gives the best exposure to your brand and business. Facebook has 2.07 billion users all over the world which is larger than any other social websites. 

So create a facebook page and promote it in the bigger Facebook Groups and get targeted country traffic.

So here we share the guide with you and get relief from this problem.

How to Stop Visitor Posts on Facebook Business Page

First, you should have the facebook page which is well created and fill all business details in it and then promote on various platforms.

 So follow these steps:

Step 1: Login into Facebook in your PC or Laptop and Go to your Facebook Page.

Step 2: Go to Settings on your Facebook Page.

Step 3: Then Go to General > Visitor Posts.

Step 4: Click Edit of Visitor Posts.

Step 5: Then You can see three option.

Step 6: Select the last option Disable posts by other people on the Page.

Step7:  After this Click Save Changes.then it has done.


Then After this process, No one can post on your Facebook Page. 

How do I Approve a Visitor Posts on a Facebook Page?

If you do not want this process and want that user can post on your page.But you want to approve their post and after that post published on your page. Then Follow these steps.

If you want to approve anyone post on your Facebook Page then Select this option Review Posts by Other People before they are published to the Page. This is the second option. Choose this and other posts go into review mode.

After this Click Save Changes button. 

When you approved the post then the post will show on your Facebook Page. If you do not approve then It will not show on Facebook Page.


So these are the Secret Guide: How to Stop Visitor Posts on Facebook Business Page

After this guide, no one can post on your Facebook Page and do not spam on your Facebook business page. 

If you select the review option then all the command in your hand. If you approve anyone post then anyone can show their post otherwise not approved then no one can able to post on your business page. 

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