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How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code

Social Media is the biggest need of everyone and without it, we cannot do much more. Content Sharing and social media is the part of Google Rankbrain algorithm. So here we tell you about How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code. 

Social Media has given the weight in the Rankbrain algorithm. Use Social Media Sharing buttons to get your content share and get more traffic from here.

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code
Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts

1. Go to Blogger.

2. Login by Gmail.

3. When you login into your blogger account the Go to Theme section and click Edit HTML.

There are many tools available on the internet from where you can add the sharing buttons

A. Sumo

B. ShareThis

C. AddtoAny

4. Before this Process, You can go to the tool AddThis.

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts

5. Create an account in AddThis and after you can create the account in AddThis then log in.

6.  There are 6 tools available in AddThis. These 6 options are

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code

A. Share Buttons

B. Follow Buttons

C. Related Posts

D. List Building

E. Link Promotion

F. WebsiteTip.Jar

7. Choose the First Option. Click to Share Buttons.

8. After this, there are 4 options available in Select a Tool Type. In this how you put your social sharing buttons on your website. 

Like Floating, Inline, Expanding, Image Sharing.

I recommend you to use Floating Bar. It has the best among all.

You can select your custom social media sharing buttons which you want to put on your website.

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code

Click on Floating then click Continue.

9. After this Select the Social Media Buttons positions in which place you want to show your sharing buttons on Computer or Mobile.

Set the Share Counters.

Select your own Social Networks.

In Design option, you can set the Size of Buttons, Styles and Total Share Count Label.

10. In Advanced option, you can set the Responsive width, Set the Social Share count number.

11 After this Click Save and Continue.

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code
Add This

12. Then Go to Get the Code section in the header. It has placed on the fourth number in this row.

13. Then you have seen the many options which type of website is yours. There are 7 option available which type of your website.

My Site is

a. An HTML Website.

b. WordPress

c. Magneto

d. Tumblr

e. Shopify

f. Angular JS

g. Cloudflare

Select the An HTML Website Persist with the first option.

14. Copy the code from Get the Code section.

 Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code

15. Paste this JavaScript code above the </body> in Edit HTML option of blogger.

16. After this Click Save theme. Then you can see the sharing buttons on blogger website. 

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code
Digital Marketing Learning

So by this technique, you can add the social sharing buttons on blogger website without code. So in this we tell about How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts.


So this is the technique in which you have learned How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger Posts Without Code. So use this and make your content popular with your engaging audience and ask them to share your content.

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5 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins in 2018

Here we tell you about 5 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins in 2018. Because website speed is the most important ranking factor in Search Engine Optimization. If you have the faster-loading website then you can gain more visitors in comparison of slow loading website. 

In Amazon Survey when their website improves there speed and loading fast then they gain more visitors. So by these plugins, you will know How to Optimize WordPress Website Speed?

5 WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins in 2018
5 WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins in 2018 

5 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins in 2018 

1. W3 Total Cache:

Wordpress Site Speed Optimization Plugin
W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to increase WordPress website speed. It provides you all option to enable your caching and speed up your site. It is the advance Plugin which is used by the expert level person. It supports various caching methods and a huge number of option. It also provides CDN services like MaxCDN. It has complete speed up the structure.

This plugin is available in free and also have advanced features available in Premium. 


  • CDN Support like MaxCDN.
  • Page Cache
  • Browse Cache
  • Minify(HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Database Cache
  • Lots of Features but they can use in W3 Total Cache Pro.  

Enable these Features to Increase the WordPress Website Speed

1. Page Cache.

2. Browse Cache.

3. Minify. In this, you can select both automatic and manual option for caching. Enable HTML, CSS, JS Minifier.

4. Database Cache.

5. Object Cache.

6. CDN option and Use MaxCDN.

7. Fragment and Choose Disk as the option. 

I have used this plugin and it has given me the better result in terms of speed.

2. WP Fastest Cache:

WordPress Site Speed Optimization Plugin
WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is easy to use in comparison of W3 Total Cache. It can also be used by anyone easily.

Install this plugin and this plugin has intermediate level.

This plugin has available free and advanced features will available in premium.


1. Easy to use and set up. 

2. In 1 click you can clear cache.

3.  Minify HTML and CSS.

4. Combining of CSS and JS.

5. Set expiration times for Post, Pages, and URL.

6. GZIP Compression.

7. Integration of CDN. 

Which Features should be enabled by you?

1. Cache System

2. Preload 

3. LoggedIn Users

4. Mobile

5. New Post and Update Post

6. Minify HTML and Minify CSS

7. Combine CSS and Combine JSS 

8. GZIP and Browse Caching

3. WP Super Cache:

how to increase speed of wordpress site
WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is also one of the best plugin to boost the speed of the site. It has the most used plugin and has more installation. It also supports to CDN.

This plugin is free.


1. Proper Support of CDN.

2. Preload of Cache

3. It serves the Static HTML files.

4.It support for multiple caching like PHP, Mod_Rewrite.

These Features should be enabled to get the high loading speed

1. Caching.

2. Advanced. 

  • In this, you can enable caching at simple or expert level. Simple is recommended.

  • Compress Pages in Miscellenous. It has also recommended.

  • Clear All Cache Updated when post or pages updated. This is available in Mobile Prefixes.

  • Extra Home Pages Checks in Mobile Prefixes. It is also recommended.     

3. CDN Support

4. Preload. In this, you should enable Preload Mode (Garbage collection disabled). It is recommended.

So this plugin is better, free and easy to use.

4. WP Super Minify:

Best WordPress Site Speed Optimization Plugin in 2018
WP Super Minify

This Plugin has lightweight and combine the CSS, JS, minifies to speed up the page loading time.

Apply this Plugin setting carefully because it has some issues in past.

It gives you to disable compression of CSS and JavaScript. So, in this case, there are many issues. 

It is free to use.


1. Combine Inline CSS and Javascript.

2. Disable Compression of CSS and Javscript.

3. Very easy to use.

Enable these two Features:

1. Combine CSS.

2. Combine JavaScript.

5. Cache Enabler- WordPress Cache

how to increase speed of wordpress site
Cache Enabler- WordPress Cache

It is the lightweight plugin and you can easily set up.

It makes your website faster by generating static HTML files with Web P Support.

It provides CDN support. It provides KeyCDN.

If you want to add CDN in this then you will install CDN Enabler plugin.


1. Set Up is simple.

2. Clear Cache in 1 click.

3. Set Cache Behavior (clearing after posts)

4. Minification.

5. Set the post ID's. (exclude from cache).

6. Set the expiration times.

Enable these features

1. Set the expire hour.

2. Select all option in cache behavior.

3. Choose HTML & Inline JS in Cache Minification

So these are the Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins.


So with these 5 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins in 2018, you can achieve fast loading speed. Apply these plugin and increase your WordPress website speed. It is the most important ranking factor for SEO. By these plugins, you can boost your website speed easily without trouble.

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Beginner Guide: What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work

Friday, 5 January 2018

Beginner Guide: What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work

In this article, we tell you Beginner Guide: What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work. Here we discuss domain and DNS.

What is a Domain Name?

The website name is the domain name. Domain name is the address where the user can access your website over the internet easily by typing your website URL. It uses to identify the entities on the internet instead of IP addresses.

It is the combination of numbers and letters these numbers can be used with extensions such as .com, .net,.in, Then this combination is called domain name.

Before you used the domain name then you must be registered it on any domain provider website.Two websites have not the same domain name. If someone types then he reaches to the website.

Why is Domain Name Necessary?

Domain name is a unique identity and send the visitor to a particular website which domain name is typed by him. If any individual has their business, blog then he should have his own domain and website. By purchasing domain he protects their copyright and business trademark. By registering the domain you should improve your business presence and brand awareness of your company. 

For Brand Awareness, you should read this article.

Search Engine Optimization: What is SEO and its types

Some websites provide the domain name at cheap prices like

1. Crazy Domains

2. Go Daddy 

3. Bigrock

Some websites provide free domains like .tk, .cf etc.




What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work

What is a Domain Name and How does it Work
What is a Domain Name and How does it Work

The browser sends the request to a global network server which is called as Domain Name Server or DNS. Then these global servers look towards name server which is associated that domain and forward the request to domain related servers. 

If your website is hosted on any web hosting provider website like HostGator then your name server looks like.

DNS looks like:

These name servers are managed on computers by the hosting company. The company sends the request to your computer where your website is stored.

With the domain, you must purchase the web hosting from any company. Because without hosting you can not run the domain.

We recommend the Bluehost website to take the hosting because it is good and your website run fast. If you want to host the website at a cheap price then click this ad and get the discount.

Important Note:

If you take the web hosting and domain name from different websites then you should replace the web hosting website name server from the domain website nameserver.

Some websites also provide free web hosting also. You can use free domain and web hosting for learning purpose. Not use for working because in free hosting your data is not safe and don't get the best speed. For the best free web hosting then click this link. 

Free Web Hosting Link


So in this article, we discuss Beginner Guide: What is a Domain Name Server and How Do Domains Work. In this, we tell that without domain and web hosting we cannot run any website. So by this article, you got the knowledge about the domain and its working. So by this, you can start a new website with your custom domain and run it on hosting to start the website. 

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